Jive Mini Pods Wireless Earbuds Review

jive mini pods wireless earpods

Jive Mini Pods are the new trend in the market for the wireless earpods industry. These earpods are the same as the ones from Apple itself as we know Airpords are expensive they come for 150$ and go up to 200$ but this comes for one-fourth of the price.

And these Jive Mini Pods are so good meaning they are as good as the original apple AirPods even in some cases and for the pricing, it comes for.

These earpods are best for those who are looking for earpods that are good for sports activities and other fitness activities as they don’t fall out from the ears.

So let us know what are the best features of Jivi Mini Pods, how to use them, where to buy them as well as faq about them So let us get started.

Jive Mini Pods Features

Jivi Mini Pods has a lot of features when it comes to functionality as it has all the features that you expect from a more pricy earpods like the ones from Apple. They have wireless connectivity as well as good battery life and of course, the sound quality is also very good.

Here are the 10 Best Features of the Mivi Pods:

  • Long Battery Life up to 30 hours.
  • Waterproof and Sweatproof
  • Connectivity with all the Bluetooth Devices. iPhones & Android and others as well.
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 10 Meters Connectivity Range
  • Touch and Gesture Control on the Earpod
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Are not pricey as the Apple Airpods
  • Passive Noise Cancellation

These are the best features of the Jive Mini Pods as we can see these earpods comes with a lot of features and for the price you are gonna pay is very less for the features list it has. Now let us officially review how these earpods are actually in real life.

Jive Mini Pods Review

Starting the Review of Jive Mini Pods with Design and Build Quality as that is a very important part of the earpods. And in that department, this earphone shines like a star as this offers you high-quality ABS plastic which means that this is quite strong in the build.

Design-wise they’re same as the Apple Airpods and as we know that already that Apple Airpods look Dope in the design department so does the case with this one too.

Now comes the most important part for any earpods that is the sound quality and I’m happy to report that in that department too this one is really good as these earpods offer you good sound quality with good clarity of the sound as well as the bass is punchy. In the end, for the price you are getting this which is less than 50$, it sounds really well.

After Desing, Build, Sound quality comes the battery life and connectivity part. In the battery part, this one lasts for around 30 hours in total and you can connect it via Bluetooth to any device that supports Bluetooth.

How To Use Jive Mini Pods

To Use Jive Mini Pods that is very easy.

  1. Go To the Device > Bluetooth > Pair Device Pair these earpods.
  2. Make Sure the earpods are turned on and are out of the case.
  3. And now you have paired the earpods the device

That is how you use the Jive Mini Pods.

Jive Mini Pods Price

Jive Mini Pods are priced very reasonably and the overall cost of this very low compared to any other product in the market.

Also, it is running on a discount right now so If you click the link below you will get 20% flat off on this one so go now and click there to buy with discount, they are priced for around 50$ but you get here for 35$ only limited period offer! get them now!

Where to Buy Jive Mini Pods

You can buy Jive Mini Pods from the official website which is mentioned down below and if you get it from there then you will get a 20% straight discount so get them now with a discounted rate.

There is a lot of websites selling this product at a high rate but we have got you the best deal that you can get so why thinking gets this one now from the website mentioned down below.

I can guarantee that you will be very satisfied with the product when you will use this. And let me know that in the comment section too.

Faq About Jive Mini Pods

Are Jive mini pods legit?

Yes, these jive mini pods are 100% legit and for the price they come for they offer you with the best sound quality and design as well as build quality.

What are Jive mini pods?

Jive Mini Pods are just another pair of Wireless Bluetooth Earphones that comes with very little price tag and if you are looking to buy cheap earphones this is the best one.

How do you pair Jive mini pods?

To pair Jive Mini Pods that is easy you just turn on the earpod and then pair with phone or laptop with the help of Bluetooth.

Final Words About Jive Mini Pods

So finally we are at the end of the post and In the post, we reviewed Jive Mini Pods and at the end of the post, we would say that these Jive Mini Pods are the best earpods that you can buy for the money they come for.

If you have the budget of 50$ then you can go get these as soon as possible don’t overthink much, as you can not get better earpods then this one apart from this.

Get these ones without thinking too much as you won’t regret getting this one. You can get the best deal down below. You can get a discount too try and click now.

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