7 Ways To Unblur Image and Photo

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Pictures creates memories that we preserve for lifetime, they connect us to our past, as they remind us of people, places, stories and feelings. Photographs tell us what is important to us.

People love to click pictures from their cameras and mobile phone in order to enjoy the moments their fullest. Sometimes pictures may get blurred due to shaking of hands while clicking it, due to dirty lens or some other reasons.

Blurred pictures destroy the memories we create so this needs to get fixed. There are many tools and methods, which people can use to unblur picture. The result largely depends on the tool you use and how blurry your image is.

In this article, we will discuss about some of those tools, which will let them know ways to unblur a photo.

Ways to Unblur Image and Photo using Softwares

1. Use Photoshop to Make a Picture Unblur

Blur pictures can be unblurred by the use of Adobe Photoshop; it is extensively used by the people. The tool consists of many features, which people can use to sharpen the image and also enhance its quality. Let us know how to unblur a picture.

  • The first method to unblur image using Photoshop
  • Launch the tool.
  • Make a duplicate layer for the background and select the duplicate background.
  • Click Filter.
  • Go to others and click High Pass.
  • Set the value of High Pass to 10%.
  • The blend mode should be set to hard light.
  • Adjust the opacity in such a way that the blur is removed.
  • The second method in Photoshop for a picture that has been blurred
  • Launch the tool from the start many in Windows.
  • Go to Filter and then to Sharpen.
  • Click Shake Reduction.
  • The tool will start to unblur the picture.
  • Check the unblurred image and save it.
  • The third method in Photoshop to unblur picture
  • Launch the blurred picture in Photoshop Elements.
  • Click Enhance to improve picture.
  • Click Unsharp Mask.
  • Here you will find amount and radius, which they need to change in order to unblur the image.

2. Use GIMP to Unblur a Picture

Another tool to unblur a picture is GIMP. People can download it on their system easily as the tool is available for free and can be used to enhance the quality of the picture along with removing the blur. Let us check how to unblur a photo with this too.

  1. Launch The Gimp tool.
  2. Open the picture that needs to be unblurred .
  3. Go to the toolbox and click Blur/sharpen.
  4. There will be Sharpen option, which you have to drag over the blurred image.
  5. This will sharpen the image and remove blur from the image.
  6. You can also sharpen a part of the picture by dragging the Sharpen option on that part.

3. Using Lunapic for Eliminating the Blur

Online and offline both tools are used by the people to unblur pictures. Lunapic refers to an online tool, which people can use to a picture unblurry. You just need to load the picture on the online app and then take the following steps.

  1. In this application, go to adjust and then to sharpen.
  2. Open the blurred picture by clicking choose file.
  3. Drag the button to sharpen the picture. The button ha to be dragged to the right side of the image.
  4. Then the picture will be unblurred.

4. Unblur Image by Using Pinetools

There is one more online tool to unblur a picture it is known as Pinetools, which people uses to eliminate the blur from the picture. Let us see the steps which people can follow in order to remove the blur.

  1. Firstly, open the tool in the browser.
  2. Choose the file and click it to open the blurred image.
  3. Look for the sharpen strength and then select and drag it over the image.
  4. Click the Sharpen option.
  5. Now you should check the improvement n the image.

5. Fotor Photo Blur: Unblur Image

To improve the quality of the image, there is an online tool where users can find many adjustments known as Fotor Photo Blur. There are options available on the menus, which can be found on the left side.

You can upload the picture from the mobile or laptops and remove the blur. Users can also create designs and collages to enhance the quality of the image. To apply various kinds of effects and filters there is a feature available known as Effects menu.

6. Use Snapseed to Unblur Image in Android and iPhones

There are many applications available, people can use various apps to improve the image in their in their mobile phones. There is no need to download the image on the laptop as the apps can be used directly on the mobile.

Snapseed is one more application which can be downloaded on Android and iPhones. One cans unblur single or multiple pictures through these applications. Here is the list of steps, which people can follow to unblur the images.

unblur image
  1. Launch the app on the mobile.
  2. Upload the picture that has to be unblurred.
  3. Search details and select it.
  4. Go to the Sharpen option and then click Unblur.
  5. After the removal of the blur part, click Structure and go to Show More Detail.

There are many more tools, besides these, which people can use to unblur any picture they want.

7. Use VSCO to Unblur a Picture

It is a very popular online tool, which is famous for its filters. This application enhances the quality of an image. It is not known for removal of blur from a blurred picture. This tool improves picture contrasts and embraces its features.

Wrapping Up

So guys this was an article about how to unblur image or photo using different softwares.

People are very sensitive regarding their memories and emotions, pictures clicked by them plays a very important part in their lives. If those pictures get blurred than there is a solution.

There are some of the tools, which can be used to remove blur from the blurred image. Some tools can remove blur from one image at a time while others have the capability to remove blur from several blurred images simultaneously.

Some tools are available online for free and some are paid. These tools reconnect people to their pasts and enhance their future. Through this article, you might have understood how to unblur a picture. 

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